Sunday, 27 September 2009

Start of Work... Again

I finally found work to do after resting at home for 1.5 months. It is with mixed feelings that I go back to work. Somehow, humans are contradictory creatures. When I have work, I longed for a break. When I was home, almost bored to death, I wished I can go back to work.

Since I needed more savings, I’m happy that I finally found work. At least, it will stop my hubby from nagging at me, complaining that I do nothing at home. The funny thing was on the morning before I left work, he told me to quit if I find the project too tedious… I guess he felt bad for all the times that he had scolded me, for staying at home, doing nothing, and not generating income.

Anyway, my first day of work, was the same as every first day at a new project. This is the fourth time I’m going through this. You will have to do a lot of admin stuff and then read a lot of project documentations and background, while everyone is so busy with their work. I feel helpless looking at them, being bored and unable to help them. If only, someone can just assign me work on the first day, even though it may just be a small task…

But I do know that tough times are coming soon, you can almost feel it in the atmosphere. Hence, I better enjoy it while I can :)

Bye bye facebook… Best wishes to all those who are stealing my harvest in Happy Farm and for those who are fighting me in Sorority Life!


I made some mango puffs the other day and the recipe called for 4 egg yolks. Hmmm… What to do with the remaining 4 egg whites? The only dish I can think of is . It is a simple dish but it is one that requires skill and practice. This is my third try and I think it is already better than the previous tries.

I soaked some dried scallop in hot water until they are soft and shred them. Drain them and retain the water. As to the egg whites, I added in some milk, salt and pepper. I also added the cooled “soaked scallop” water.

This dish required quite a lot of oil, so as to prevent the egg whites from sticking to the wok. Add in the shredded dried scallops and stir fry for awhile. Pour in the egg white mixture and scrambled them continuously. Remove from heat when you see that the egg white is setting.

I have some boiled broccoli and placed them around the dish for decorations.

Low Cholesterol Diet

My hubby finally went for a health check to monitor his cholesterol levels. Although he is stick-thin, he has slightly high cholesterol. It could be due to his lifestyle or maybe inherited in his genes. The night before, I decided to cook some low cholesterol dishes for him.

It consists of celery soup, steamed fish, steamed tofu and red rice. For the celery soup, I used chicken breast (least fat content), celery, corn, carrots. For the steamed fish, I prepared it Cantonese-style i.e. steamed the fish plain, drain the fish then add hot oil, fried garlic, spring onions and soy sauce. For the steamed tofu, I steamed it, then add the black soya sauce fried together with the minced chicken breast, dried mushrooms and frozen vegetables.

When Vin came home that night, I told him about the low cholesterol dishes and he asked “Why must we cheat?!”… Hmmm… It got me thinking... Is this considered as cheating? Well, I guess it’s natural human behaviour to eat more healthy food before a health check. What do you think?

The celery soup, together with chicken breast, corn, carrot, celery. You will notice that I have removed the corn from the cobs as my hubby will only eat the corn like this...

The steamed tofu... I made too much sauce, so you can't see the tofu from this picture :p

Steamed fish with garlic... Really tastes yummy :)

According to the instructions, the red rice is to be soaked in water for 6 hours. I guess it is to soften it. But somehow, I feel that white rice is still the best. The rice rice doesn't absorb the gravy of the dishes.

Well... Healthy food often does not taste good.