Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The other day, Ah 蘇 was on TV, showing us how to make pork cutlets. I was so inspired to give it a try. Hence, I decided to make Japanese pork cutlet rice - Katsudon.

To make this pork cutlet, first, we need to buy boneless 猪栁. Make small cuts in the fats around the rim. Then, use the back of knife to hit on one side, and then use the flat of the knife to hit on both sides. Marinate the pork with salt on one side and with pepper on both sides.

Lightly floured the pork - do not dip the whole piece into the flour, just take some flour and lightly coat it. Dip it in egg mixture and then bread crumbs. Deep fry the pork and ensure that the meat is fully cooked. Then cut the pork into strips when slightly cooled.

After that, to make the katsudon, I followed the instructions from here. I made 2 versions.

This is the first version, when I followed the instructions for katsudon and put the pork cutlet to cook with the sauce.

This is the second version, where I just put the sauce on top of the pork cutlet. Of course, the more authentic one would be the first version but I think you can taste the crispiness of the pork cutlet in the second version.

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